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Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing – Tips to Use Instagram for Small Businesses

Engaging customers at a personal level has been the most fundamental objective of every business, on a daily basis. Brands and small businesses have started indulging in social media activities that provide personal information about customers. Moreover, they have realized the importance of giving their brands a humane image which helps them connect successfully. However, the use of social media platforms has increased in the past years. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok have been the most popular social media platforms in the year 2020. Many businesses have started using social media marketing to boost their search engine ranking. By creating links, the business has to improve their SEO activities which in turn gives them an opportunity to increase their market reach. Social media marketing has been the strongest and most influential way to boost brand awareness and recognition.

Maintaining a brand image can be very tricky sometimes. Businesses should always keep themselves updated with the new trends in the social media world. Influencer marketing has been an ultimate social media trend that has helped businesses to reach their target market efficiently. Trickle-down-effect or word-of-mouth are two very components of influencer marketing. Brands reach out to social media influencers or celebrities to promote their products and services to their online reach. Through this way, customers get easily accessible and can be catered at a very personal level. Furthermore, businesses can use hashtags and certain keywords that are most likely to explain a product or a service in the most appropriate way. Moreover, brands can figure out suitable influencers who are already providing similar content which facilitates the potential customers.

The second most common trend is using social media to improve customer service. Social media requires written and visual communication. It gets easier for the business to jot down customer preferences, customer complaints, and reviews just by analyzing customer comments on the posts. Large businesses such as Amazon, have made their customer service accounts which only cater to complaints and give answers within 30mins. Amazon has been able to improve its quality control just by developing relationships with its customers. Another self-explanatory trend that took over in 2019 was Augmented Reality (AR) which utilizes digital aspects and combines it with physical properties and gives customers some unusual experiences to indulge with a company’s products and services. Virtual reality helps customers to visualize the aspects of products and customers which further assists in the decision-making process. Virtual stores have been a real deal-breaker in the past year which promotes a brand by creating visual content to gather consumer attention. Such content can make online buying less risky and more creative.

Although social media does not assist in ranking a business’s website it surely supports in increasing brand exposure. Social media helps in developing online visibility and makes a business more prominent in the long-term.

Instagram marketing is the most influential way to reach the target audience in an effective way. It has been said that Instagram will be the leading platform for social media marketing in the year 2021. Due to the excess use of Instagram marketing, small businesses have indulged in seeking the bigger picture. As more than 50% of Instagram users tend to follow their favorite/desired brands, it gives the businesses an edge to utilize this opportunity. It might be a little tricky for small businesses to use such an intricate platform to solely promote their services. Following steps should be observed to have an impactful Instagram marketing strategy.

Small businesses should start off with creating a business account on Instagram. It makes analyzing the statistics way easier as it shows for every post. Moreover, Instagram gives the option of paid promotions according to the customer reach. Sponsored posts and stories are an astonishing way to target potential markets and creating brand awareness. It might be very hard to take off with a small number of followers on a business account. However, with time and consistent promotional strategies any small scale business will be able to create a strong brand identity. According to the nature of the business, marketers will fill in the bio to tell their customers exactly what the business is all about. Hashtags and keywords should be used to make a business more prominent. The most common mistake a business is likely to make is leaving out on the bio. It may sound very unimportant to refresh bio after a while but in reality, it holds great value. As bio is the first thing a customer notices, marketers should focus on updating it on a regular basis to give information more accurately.

The importance of visual design and graphics have changed the way customers look at a certain brand. Small businesses should focus more on the visual appeal of their Instagram account as it is the only thing the customers will see at first sight. The account should have a specific theme and studied color schemes should be used in order to enhance the visual appeal of the business. Customers feel what they see and if they are visualizing a well-organized, exclusive brand they will automatically create a strong perception towards it.

Furthermore, researching and looking out for competitors’ social media is one of the fundamental tasks. It gives the business an edge to do better than its existing competitors and innovate the strategy to make it look exclusive. Competitor’s posts, visual content, hashtags, and other relevant content should be looked upon to make a clear vision of what is required in their Instagram account. Most importantly a business should consider the followers on its competitor’s account to evaluate if their strategies are working out properly. 

The business should figure out what it wants to be shown on its account. Specific marketing strategies that should be used and how to execute them. The execution part should be well-planned in order to generate leads. Hashtags and keywords will be looked into for an effective marketing plan. In this way, a small business can have a gradual increase in its reach while putting a strong impact on the customers.

Using videos for advertisement and spending on promotion can be an outstanding tactic to grab consumer attention. They are most likely to visualize the product which can assist in the decision-making process. Moreover, maintaining a customer relationship is very important for an online business. Small businesses have an edge to communicate to their customers at a personal level through taking feedback, replying to their comments and messaging them through the Instagram account.

All these tactics will help a small business to have a trickle-down-effect on their sales and boost their SEO. Instagram users are most likely to indulge with the brand which will lead to brand awareness. Although Instagram can be a tricky platform to use at first with the right amount of research and team commitment small businesses are likely to be benefitted from this facility.

If you are looking for an effective Instagram marketing strategy to boost your business’s sales, then contact us digiconsultantpro to get immediate results for your online market. Whether you are a small business or large scale business, our expertise will provide you with a holistic strategy which will help you in reaching your target audience.

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