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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

There is no doubt about how social media has proven its importance over the last couple of decades. From recent elections to trolling down a celebrity or searching for a recommendation to following up the latest trends. Social media still remains the best part of their daily life and network. For almost every business social media has made it easier for them to target and reach out to their respective customers to deliver their company’s message directly and get their feedback on their product or service as well.
This gives online brands to market and advertises through different strategies on all social media platforms. With about 3.81 billion active users online there is a huge dynamic set of audience parameters that helps the businesses to identify their niche for social media marketing for their brand. However, on the other side when a user is looking for a certain service or a product online, it makes it easier for both the users and the brands to find each other.
For a better understanding of the targeted audience for social media marketing, let’s consider an example of Facebook for boosting your post.
You get to target a specific audience by setting up some filters. The filters include:
• Location (You may pick worldwide as well)
• Age (Any age from 13 to 65+)
• Gender
• Detailed targeting (based on audience demographics, interests, and behaviors)
It only takes a single dollar, to reach an estimate of 120-300 people using Facebook. You can always try it but with a small budget in case you’re new to this, you will find such features on almost every other social media platform.

Helps in Keeping Customers Updated

On average every person on social media spends around 136 minutes, either by scrolling, liking, reading about new stuff, or performing different activities, so there are high chances that whatever you post or make an update about your brand, they will see it and maybe react to it. For example, ABC Company wants to change its address so they will just simply post it on social media, and instantly their followers will get an update on it. It is very important to engage your audiences as they would like to know about what is happening if they are using your product/service or show interest in them. Simply when they like your page or product they will follow or like your page to be updated with your new things through your posts. So it is very important to keep them engaged regularly.

Room for Improvement

Each platform provides a field where you can get ideas for improvement from your competitors and by getting customer’s feedback. Each social media platform is full of discussions and feedback as it is a social networking platform. People will always share their experiences either good or bad, however many companies want to avoid it, be it a good or a bad review. One user will be satisfied while others might have a different review over the same thing, and it will create a chance to interact with the dissatisfied ones and don’t leave them unattended. Not replying will eventually start to give a setback to the brand as a whole so it is very important to respond to customer’s feedback. It will only create room for improvement and in the future, your product will be improved and it will help in adding new loyal customers.

Helps in competitive Analysis

Like every other business, it is very important to know what your competitor is doing as it will make room for improvements. Nowadays most businesses are present on almost every social media trying to make a presence in the market and interacting with their customers to gain loyalty. This will result in more transparency about what others are sharing and how they interacting with their customers in terms of content or feedback.
So to keep up with new trends and be in the latest market, we should always see what your competitors are doing by looking at their user interface and how they are promoting, and what they are currently working on.
For example, you are in the men’s apparel business and notice that your competitor has introduced new colors that have good response and feedback, then you also should introduce those colors to increase conversions.

Brand reliability and faith

Growing Loyalty to your own company is important in order to make marketing efforts. Interaction with your customers is a key advantage of growing your presence on social media platforms. It can be through direct interaction or by engaging with new content or posts which will increase loyalty with new or existing customers. Through direct interaction you will be able to tell your customer about the features, range of products, any happening event, or promotions regarding your products, however most importantly you will be able to help your customers regarding any issue in a very swift way.

Helps in retargeting a highly relevant audience
When you have gained good amount of traffic but the conversions are less you will be able to retarget that particular audience with new content or promotions. This can be one of the most standout features that can be achieved through social media marketing. It is very easy to define the audience which is very frequent visitor of your page through different tools and techniques, so it becomes very easy for you to engage them and encourage them to come back for final conversion. Social media marketing experts know how to improve for getting more and more conversions through different techniques and ads. It involves the track of timings when that person is online and when they visit your page. This way they retarget them for higher conversion rate.


Marketing over social media is very beneficial for small businesses and startups, by choosing the right strategy over time to time and implementing it on social media channels, and updating its traffic will increase resulting in more conversions. Improve your SEO, improve rankings online, have a direct relationship with your clients, and you will increase the brand authority.
Probably your competitor is also working on these strategies so don’t let them come first and snatch your customer away. The quicker you start, the earlier you will see growth in your business.

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